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Georgetown Little League, in Georgetown Township MI, has been in existence for over 50 years, and became a charter member of Little League International in 1960. GLL is a non-profit organization serving over 1,000 families (over 1,500 children ages 5-18) each year with boy's baseball and girl's softball. It is funded entirely by registration fees, concession profits, and sponsor donations, and is operated by several hundred volunteers.  Thank you to all of you who make this league what it is!

2018 Kid Pitch Evaluation Times

Hello Parents,

Attached is an updated alphabetical list for Saturday's evaluations.  We have added a few more kids and I want to make sure everyone gets this.  

If you have responded to the previous email that your son won't attend you don't have to reply to this email. 

All times for evaluations are PM times. 

Evaluations for all players will be held this Saturday, February 24th at West Michigan Clubhouse located at 668 Chicago Dr. in Jenison.  An alphabetical list is attached to this email. 

Please have your son dress in normal gym clothes attire, bring their glove, bat and helmet if they have one.  If you don't have a bat or helmet we will have some to use there.  

This is not an open evaluation to show up whenever you want, all players have scheduled times so please stick to the schedule.  If you can't make the schedule time please let me know as soon as possible.  

Coaches and parents will not be allowed to watch the evaluation, there is a seating area in the clubhouse for parents to sit and wait.  Each time slot with the exception of the first time slot runs 20 minutes so you won't be there long. 

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early and check in at the front desk.  Please email me if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Tom VanderVelde

Kid Pitch Division Director


Kid Pitch Eval Times

by posted 02/23/2018
2018 Baseball Minors Evaluation Times

The attached is the list of evaluation times. The time listed is the time your son should arrive. Evals will take about 45 minutes which includes warm-up time.

The evals will be March 3rd at Hudsonville High School (THIS IS A NEW LOCATION from past years.)

You can reach me at 616-443-5962 on the day of evaluations if you have any problems.

Please make sure you arrive on time. Your son should bring glove, bat, baseball helmet and if possible, dress in baseball clothes (if you don't have yet, don't worry). If you do not have a bat or helmet, we will have one your son can borrow.  If you don't have a glove yet, I recommend the Mizuno Power Close 11.5" (or 11"). This glove should be broken in off the shelf, ready to use. It's not expensive either!

REMEMBER: 2018 Little League requires that all players use USABats during games. The bat must have the USABat label. Any bat purcahsed before Sept 1, 2017 will not be a legal bat. The league will have bats at the fields for teams to use if needed, so you don't have to buy a new bat if you can't. Old bats will be okay for tryouts.

See you Saturday, March 3rd.

Marvin Heyboer
9/10 Minors Division Director


BBMinors Evaluation Times

by posted 02/23/2018
Dicks Sporting Goods - 20% Coupon

Hello Families of GLL.  

Weekend in March :) (3/24 - 3/25) DSG is having a 20% off sale for all members of GLL.  You must print of the attached coupon for your savings.  Or print off this email.



by posted 02/22/2018
Approved Volunteers

The attachment below has the listing of all the approved volunteers so far for 2018.  

Updated:  02/21/2018




by posted 02/22/2018
Georgetown LL Registrations: CLOSING DATES APPROACHING

Just another reminder:

Some Divisions CLOSE at the end of February...........

     If you've already registered, Thank You.

See below for the late and closing dates. Goto the Registration Page for Division Detail and ages. www.georgetownll.com

All dates happen at the start of the day listed (midnight), for example if the Closing Date is listed as 3/01/18, it will happen at MIDNIGHT 3/01/18, the START of that day. DON'T WAIT.


Softball and Baseball Teeball: Late Date is 3/1/18 and closes on 3/08/18.

Baseball Coach Pitch: Late Date is 3/1/18 and closes on 3/08/18.

Baseball Kid Pitch, Baseball Minors, Baseball Senior Minors, Baseball Majors, and Baseball 50/70: Late Date is 2/18/18 and closes on 3/01/18.

Baseball Juniors: Late Date is 3/18/18 and closes on 3/25/18.

Baseball Seniors: Late Date is 5/21/18 and closes on 6/01/18.


Softball Coach Pitch, AA, AAA, and Majors: Late Date is 2/18/18 and closes on 3/01/18.

Softball Juniors: Late Date is 4/16/18 and closes on 4/23/18.

Softball Seniors: Late Date is 5/21/18 and closes on 5/28/18.




by posted 02/21/2018
Elite Baseball and Softball Spring Camps

GLL Families,

A Proud Sponsor for Georgetown Little League:

Elite Baseball and Softball presents Spring Break Camps 2018.

by posted 02/21/2018
Elite Baseball and Softball February Flyer


A Proud Sponsor for Georgetown Little League:


Elite Baseball and Softball February Flyer for Georgetown LL






by posted 02/05/2018
Special Training Offer from a great GLL Sponsor

Special Training Offer from a great Georgetown Little League Sponsor


“2017-18 Baseball Pitcher Training

with former Major League Pitcher Rick Kreuger”


When-Where: Monday-Friday 4:30 to 9:30pm; Sat. all day. KPS training facility on the second floor of Georgetown Bible Church located at 4114 Baldwin, Hudsonville, MI. (the SW corner of Baldwin & 40th Ave. in Georgetown Township).  This is our 20th year of professional pitching instruction!!

Who:   7 yrs. through Pro Players (Bring your bat, glove, extra shirt, sports drink,  & sneakers…no spikes)

Description:   Sessions are 45 minute lessons.  Private, semi-private, and group lessons are available.  A former Major League pitcher (Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, & Tokyo Giants), and Cornerstone University  Head Coach, Coach Kreuger will be your sole pitching instructor. As a former pitcher, Coach Kreuger knows the disciplines that a pitcher must deal with and has been very successful in teaching many pitchers the physical and mental mechanics needed to avoid injury and add 5-7 mph or more in velocity with control. Video analysis is a critical component to pitching since one cannot see the fastest movement in sports with the naked eye.  Your money is best spent in off season training versus indoor games… Pitching is a learned skill!


Pitcher Conditioning Class-contact Sarah Kreuger (616-841-1073) for times and availability


Sign Up: Visit our web site at www.kreugerbaseball.com and fill out upper tab “Application…then hit the“Submit” button and it will be forwarded to me..  Mail address:  KBS, 4664 Sheldon Ct., Hudsonville, MI. 49426.   Questions: call/text Coach Kreuger at 616-293-3773; E-Mail: .



“Pitchers Are Made In The Off-Season!”

“Good Pitching Beats Good Hitting”

“Humility Comes Before Honor” (Proverbs)



http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/4635/2017-18 Fall KBS Baseball Training Invitation.doc




by posted 01/19/2018
GLL 2018: Softball Face Mask Rule

Happy New Year GLL Parents, 

In the November 2017 GLL Board Meeting it was decided that Georgetown Little League would adopt the rule making it mandatory to wear a face mask when playing any infield position in the Softball Coach Pitch Division and above.

We feel that with the speed that the ball is thrown and hit, that facemasks have become a necessary part of the game to keep our girls safe from injury. 

Along with adopting this rule, the board decided that each equipment bag for each team would include two facemasks for players that do not have a mask available when it is their time to play the infield; between the two teams, there would be enough to play a game.

Thank you,

Dennis Vainavicz

GLL VP of Softball

by posted 01/09/2018

Sorry in Advance for really pounding this message, but if I can save one family from buying a $300 bat that they can't use in Little League, its worth it.





Little League has adopted new bat regulations for Baseball. Goto this link before you purchase a new bat.

Little League Bat Regulations

Please read before you purchase a new bat.



They've grandfathered all bats that are 26" or shorter, These bats do not need the USA Bat Label.






by posted 12/05/2017
Field Status
Georgetown 01 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 02 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 03 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 03B - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 04 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 05 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 06 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 07 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 08 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 09 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 10 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 11 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 12 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown 13 - Jenison TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown Baseball Cage - Gtown LL TBD (2/25) 
Georgetown Softball Cage - Gtown LL TBD (2/25) 
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