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Just a Reminder:

We are a tobacco free facility.  

Dale Wagner Park is privately owned and has a 
This also includes Vapor/E-Cigs
There are signs posted on this as well.
Note that the field director does the authority to ask a person to leave the complex if they do not follow instructions on this.
-GLL Board

by posted 04/05/2019
Welcome to the 2019 Season!


Hello Georgetown Little League Families!

Welcome to the 2019 Little League Season!  It’s hard to believe we are gearing up for another fun season at the ballpark!  I hope you are as excited as we the Georgetown Little League Board are for this upcoming season!   Teams are formed, uniforms ordered and practices are getting underway!

First and foremost, I want to thank all the people who have volunteered this year for our Little League.  With just shy of 1300 kids, we recognize the amount of time this takes, and appreciate all that you do to help make the season go great! 

Every year we hold a field clean up day to brighten up our fields before the start of the season.   This year, that date is Saturday, April 13 from  8:30am-12:30pm.   We would really appreciate you and your family coming out to help clean up the fields.  The more people we have, the less time it takes.   These fields are for our kids.   Volunteering even for an hour not only helps our fields, but teaches our kids about the value of what we have here! !

See you at the ballpark!

Sean Wright

Georgetown Little League


by posted 04/02/2019
GLL - Pet Policy Reminder

GLL Family,

Dale Wagner Park is privately owned and has a 
Please tell Grandparents and other relatives that animals cannot be at the park.
There are signs posted on this as well.  
Note that the field director does have the authority to ask a person to leave the complex if they do not follow instructions on this.
Service Animals are permitted by Law.

by posted 04/02/2019
GLL 2019: Softball Face Mask Rule

GLL Softball Parents 

A Reminder; In the November 2017 GLL Board Meeting it was decided that Georgetown Little League would adopt the rule making it mandatory to wear a face mask when playing any infield position in the Softball Coach Pitch Division and above.


Along with adopting this rule, the board decided that each equipment bag for each team would include two facemasks for players that do not have a mask available when it is their time to play the infield; between the two teams, there would be enough to play a game.  


Thank you,

Andrea Keeley

VP of Softball

by posted 02/21/2019
Georgetown LL: Board Member Theft of Funds- Statement

The Georgetown Little League (“GLL”) Board is providing this information to keep the community informed about the arrest of a former Board member regarding the theft of Little League funds, and point out the steps that the Little League has – and will – take moving forward.

A sub-committee of the GLL Board was established months ago. The following GLL Board members are on this committee: Sean Wright (President of the GLL Board); Dr. Tyler Wolf (VP of Baseball), and Chris DeJongh (Treasurer). The mission of the sub-committee is to do the following:

  • Oversee, with the assistance of Joel Baar (GLL's outside counsel),  the restitution of funds through a criminal restitution order, civil litigation, an insurance claim, or other means;
  • Receive updates on the investigation, the criminal process, and all other actions undertaken in this regard;
  • Work collaboratively with the full GLL Board, the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department and the Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office; and
  • Strengthen internal controls so that all measures are taken to hopefully prevent a similar situation from happening again in the future.

The Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office is handling the criminal prosecution arising from this matter. We are thankful for and appreciate the efforts of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, and particularly the detectives who diligently worked on this matter.  If necessary, a civil lawsuit may be filed by the GLL seeking recovery of the funds. Finally, the GLL Board is conducting an internal review of existing safety precautions and protocols, with the goal of preventing this from ever happening again.  The GLL Board takes this matter very seriously.  It is certainly disappointing that GLL resources were stolen by a trusted Board member, who many of us consider a longtime friend.  As stewards of GLL resources, the GLL Board takes its fiduciary duties very seriously – and these duties extend to holding people responsible for their actions.  We also view this as a teachable moment for our community.  There are consequences for misconduct, but there is also room for grace, mercy and forgiveness.  If and when a sentence is handed down by the Judge assigned to this matter, the GLL Board looks forward to a process that it views as a step towards reconciliation.


Signed: The Georgetown Little League Board



by posted 02/06/2019
GLL Sponsors Needed for 2019

Hello Georgetown LL family, 

If you or someone knows of anyone that might want to be a sponsor this coming season, please forward to them.

Click on this Link to signup as a Sponsor

Sponsor 2019



by posted 06/14/2018
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